Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Too Many Spiders In A Set Of Clothes

Too Many Spiders
You are a writhing, tumultuous mass of arachnids stuffed into a pair of ill fitting pants and an overcoat (optional hat). You could be mistaken for a human at a distance or in the dark, but anyone who draws close to you realizes you're actually a great big pile of spiders. 

<image removed to avoid trauma>

As an amorphous blob of barely cooperating spiders you can create small amounts of silk at will (up to a garrotes worth in one sitting) you are not really damaged by slashing and piercing (though you can be torn apart or squished) and you can hide small objects among yourself/ves.

Start with a spider silk garrote (d6) and shabby clothes.

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  1. What a delightful...class? race? background? I'm not very familiar with Into the Odd.

    I like it anyway. ::::)