Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Elephant's Revenge

Philadelphia Museum of Art

A smooth, elegant flintlock pistol carved from ivory. To it is bound the tortured, ill-content ghost of the very beast killed to make it's polished white stock. The gun's shot echoes with the death wails of that elephant and its bullets gouge victims like tusks.

The pistol's maker died not longer after its completion. They flung themselves under the feet of a local circus elephant. The client who commissioned it was said to have acquired a disturbing love for dueling afterward. Not many realized that she would consistently pick fights with hunters and poachers. Particularly those of big game. 

The pistol has since wound its way through many hands till it ended up in the private collection of the Duke of Violets, noted collector of esoteric weaponry. There it sits in a locked glass case only occasionally emitting a low mournful trumpet for its terrible fate.

The Elephants Revenge (flintlock pistol)
- does d6 dmg normally, d8 dmg against hunters and poachers
- owner recognizes hunters and poachers as such on sight
- owner feels the urge to kill these sorts
- if the owner is such themselves on a 1 they suffer a misfire and later that day they will suffer some tragic mishap while cleaning their weapon

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