Friday, July 10, 2020

1d6 Things to Turn Trolls Into

1. Troll Fat Candles
        Burn smoky and give off poor light but can last days to weeks.

2. Limb Replacements
        Chop off a troll appendage and stick to the stump. Burn wayward growths.

3. Healing Elixirs
        Alchemists will pay top dollar for troll flesh bits to mix into what ever dangerous concoction they're selling this week.

4. Troll Oil Lamps
        Burns cleaner then troll fat and lasts just as long but can risk creating a ravenous troll ooze which will consume anything organic it can grab as it reconstitutes itself.

5. Endless Food Source
        Pros: never runs out as long as fed. Cons: tastes horrible and might try to eat you back.

6. Time Bomb
        Drop a troll chunk in your enemies sewer or grain store, by the time they find it it will have grown to dangerous sizes and probably run out of food.

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