Friday, July 10, 2020

1d20 Magnificent Hats

  1. Absurdly large and colorful turban, 12 daggers hidden within.
  2. A lobster-tail pot helmet with a beautiful meter long peacock feather plume.
  3. A shako with another shako balanced atop it.
  4. Jaunty commissars cap gilded in silver and purple of color.
  5. Colorfully patterned top hat with cockades about the brim.
  6. Great helm with antler horns and a miniature stags head crest wrought in ivory.
  7. A pickelhaube with built in earplugs and a tiny cannon.
  8. A galea with a veil and crest made of magical flames.
  9. Massive bicorne with its own spyglass armed monkey.
  10. A ushanka that is actually a tiny bear.
  11. Just Henry the Eighth's horned helmet
  12. Meter and a half tall wizards hat with built in compartments.
  13. Houndskull bascinet shaped to look like a pig snout.
  14. A sallet painted all the colors of the rainbow with a 'queer & here' sticker.
  15. A black and white checkerboard patterned kepi with a single red gem front-piece. 
  16. Bronze church bell with an eyesight cut into it.
  17. Straw sunhat interwoven with removable piano wire.
  18. An ulfire colored beret that is always warm.
  19. A metal sedge hat painted with scenes from Hieronymus Bosch paintings.
  20. Bowler hat with built in mechanical orchestra.

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