Saturday, July 25, 2020

Mister Slip


You can find him fishing off the end of a pier down in the Red Quarter on sunny days. Elsewise you can find him selling his catch down at the fish market. 

He's an older, well muscled man, skin turned a deep brown from decades of sun. An ancient unkept beard obscures his near constant frown. A loincloth and a bright, golden-yellow turban are his only clothes. His fingers are long, gnarled, and incredibly quick.

Mister Slip's customers respect him well for he sells the finest fish this side of the Old Wall and does not take kindly to rudeness. 

He is a kind man though despite his omnipresent frown and little tolerance for insult and often gives gifts to struggling customers.

Mister Slip is also one of the finest thieves ever born.  

A lifetimes worth of practice has honed his skill to a point. He is far more agile than his age would imply and if so inclined can contort his way through the narrowest of gaps. Picking your pocket is a trivial matter to him, you won't even notice an item is gone till he's holding in front of you.

He does not thieve often, and frankly finds the whole matter tedious nowadays. He much prefers to spend his time fishing in the sun. 

Mister Slip
Dex 18, Cha 16, A Well Placed Smack (d6)
- Wants to peacefully fish and help his neighbors
- Says he is "far to old to fight" but can and will still beat your ass

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