Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fighting Styles for Into the Odd

Each style must be learned from a master, depending on the style this may require going to great lengths, traveling to remote locations, and making expensive bargains.
Once learned they can always be used as long as the relevant criteria is meant.

There is theoretically no limit to how many styles can be learned however generally only one style can be used at a time.
Ex: Miriam knows the halfsword technique and the gentlemen's guard in order to use the first she must drop the second but can use once again next turn.

 Twirling Style  Always do blast damage when using a greatsword/montante/zweihander.  
 Urchin's Way As long as you are filthy you can dodge blows, take half damage.
 Zero Blades Style   Fight with nothing but sword hilts, do 1d4 dmg but take half.
 Halfsword Technique  Requires two hands, ignores one point of armour when used.
 Still Mountain Style If you do absolutely nothing for one turn you do max dmg the next.
 Gentleman's Guard If you have agreed to a fair & proper duel gain one point of armour.
 Eclipse Technique Incant the proper words and cut the shadows loose to darken the world.
 Hermans Ol' Special Execute this one move and break all of an opponents fingers instantly.
 Devil's Style Snort brimstone before battle and erupt in flame, 1d4 dmg too grapplers.
 Hidden Blade Art At any time a player may declare they reveal a hidden blade. Once a day.
 Carpenter's Style You can drive a nail/peg/or like completely in with one blow.
 Bare Knuckle Style Do 1d6 dmg when unarmed and using your bare fists.

(Many of these are extremely unbalanced. Use at your own risk)

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