Friday, July 10, 2020

Fancy Hats (and murder...)

I've been working on an Into the Odd hack for a bit now that I've tentatively titled Fancy Hats (and murder...) it's a game about fashion arms races, mercenaries, and gallivanting across war stricken worlds.

Albert Robida

The core premise is that the players start as the various charismatic leaders of a mercenary band and spend their time fighting for power, money, and hopefully an eventual retirement fund.

I think it will use a modification of Gundobad's mass combat rules with maybe some further stuff borrowed from Enthusiastic Skeleton Boys.

There will be rules for how stylishly players dress and it's affects on morale and charisma.

There will be rules for supplies and pillaging. 

I'll probably post some things on the various sub-systems in progress.

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