Friday, April 23, 2021

Bundling Inventory

“Taking a quick break from adventuring to check the mail

An idea for a sort-of slot based inventory system I struck upon. Currently still in WIP phase.

A Bundling Inventory

All characters have 8 (or maybe 10) slots in their inventory. All items take up one slot. However you can 'bundle' items together if it would make sense to do so. Bundled items take time to retrieve and un-bundle. There are no fixed rules for this, use common sense and reference from your real life. For example you could use your helmet to carry a flask of holy water and some river stones. Or you could bundle three spears together to fill only one slot. A backpack might fit a good number of small items.

Assume that people do not have pockets (for most of human history people have not in fact had pockets in their clothes), so everything must be worn, carried, or held in something else.

An Example Inventory Of Some Dungeoneer --

1. Maille Hauberk
2. Skull of Saint Thomas (magic)
3. Shortsword
4. Backback; Soap; Journal; Purse; Bedroll; Torches; Stolen Gem
5. Helmet; Bag of Marbles; Flask of Holy Water
6. Knife; More Knife
7. Rope, 50ft

Thoughts on how to improve this?
(art is Kyle Ferrin