Saturday, November 21, 2020

d12 Additional Additional Anomalous Media

Following up on Throne of Salt's and whomever else has done this by now, I lost track, posts I present my own anomalous media.

1. The Western Railway Folios
Found in 1842 inside an empty train carriage, the folios are undated and unsigned. The 4 plays within are titled The Coming Of War To Europe, Fiends Of Repute, Lunar Escapades, and The Second Coming Of War To Europe. The first, third, and fourth are remarkably detailed prophetic plays about the twentieth century done in the style of tragedies. The second recounts the adventures of two roguish women in the Napoleonic Wars in the fashion of a comedy.

2. 'Devil In The Cornstalks'
A poem written in smudged pencil within an otherwise empty moleskin notebook. It is written from the perspective of a farmer entreating the 'devil' (who hides within his cornfield) to leave him in peace. The poem ends with the farmer setting his field ablaze while the 'devil' laughs. The notebook has been found in the possession of several notable occult figures, while also disappearing for lengths on end, only to reemerge in some auction house or private collection.

3. Little Woman's Home Cookbook
Tattered and slightly blood stained 1950's recipe book. Found in the possession of Margret Engles, a housewife convicted of murdering her husband. The book contains only one actual recipe, for blueberry pancakes located on pg 37, and most of the contents is actually the journal of a 17th century witch (unnamed in the text) recounting her life (and her trial as a witch). Several times throughout the text the narrator speaks directly to the reader, citing personal details, and entreating them to various ends. There is no consistency in the location or sort of these entries, seemingly changing for each reader.

4. Collected Songs Of The Cold Knife People
Three 12 inch vinyl records containing in total 47 different songs sung in an unknown dialect that bears similarities to various Uralic languages. The records are labelled in Cyrillic and a Russian speaking narrator introduces each song's title. Listeners report dreams of vast tundra and a shining city of blue-yellow light.

5. 'The Suspicious Gentleman In The Night'
An old, poorly bound penny dreadful that tells the tale of a man assailed by a stranger who doggedly follows him no matter what he does. Readers who start the tale feel growing paranoia and report being followed. These feelings only increase the further is read. So far every recored case of someone completing the story has ended in their death of apparent heart attack.

6. The Homeric Diss Track
A rap song, written in Mycenaean greek upon two clay tablets, concerning the Trojans (who are the subject of the dissing). Recovered from the possessions of Heinrich Schliemann. An audio version was made in 2013 by an enterprising research assistant but is generally considered to be of subpar quality.

7. Sickflipbro.MPEG-4
A 35 second video shot on a cellphone of a man jumping off a five story building (to cheers from offscreen) and doing three consecutive flips as they fall, before hitting the ground. Despite the fatality of such a fall the man stands up, apparently uninjured. Viewers feel compelled to perform lethal stunts of their own and consistently miraculously survive.

8. Tales From Thalassa 02.CBR 
A digital copy of a science fiction comic supposedly published in 1985 by a now defunct textbook company. It is an anthology of seven stories set on a water world, the titular Thalassa. The stories are tied together only by recurring themes of change, transformation, and vastness. As well as a character only called 'the Oiler.' The comic has a very small and insular fanbase, several long time readers claim to have spoken to 'the Oiler' regularly and made 'bargains' with it. May be connected to several disappearances.

9. Mr. Blake's Tattoos
On December 19th, 2004, the corpse of a man, only identified as Mr. Blake from a business card in their pocket, was discovered in Milan. The body had been neatly flayed and the skin carefully laid out around it. Said skin was entirely covered in elaborate tattoos interconnected in the manner of early Anglo-Saxon art mixed with common occult symbology. The skin was stolen shortly after discovery and the whereabouts remain unknown.

10. Footage Of The USS Zeus
Several tapes, all from different angles, recording the launch of a massive Orion style nuclear pulse propulsion warship, assumedly American of origin given the insignia, from a berth in Earth's orbit. Set to a triumphant orchestral score. Recovered from a janitorial closet in the Library of Congress.

11. Angry-Bear.PSD
A photoshop file containing a drawing of a charging bear frothing at the mouth found open on the laptop of a deceased part time illustrator. So far every person who has opened the file has been mauled to death by bears within 24 hours no matter how improbable.

12. The Ohio Devonian Glyphs
Originally uncovered in 1878 by field workers, the glyphs are spread across 15 separate pieces of prehistoric shale. They remain mostly undeciphered however several clearly show pictures of Devonian wildlife. The pieces hold one unique property, when kept in close proximity occurrences of Devonian plants, fish, and other organisms begin to appear in increasing quantities within local water sources. Currently the pieces are kept separated in an anonymous vault.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mezzodaemon - My Edition


DEX 15, WIL 13, 8hp, Chitinous Exoskeleton (Armour 1).
- Jagged Claws (d6)
  • Hoard magical tomes and artifacts which they employ and will barter for.
  • Can create gates between various dimensions and planes of existence, 
  • Jealously guard their true names, which would allow the possessor to command them.
Transdimensional travelers and inhabitants of the in-between places. Mezzodaemon's curate and carry with themselves personal collections of occult items. They are normally quite loathe to let go of an item but can be persuaded to trade. Often found grudgingly in the service of wizards and other sorts who have acquired the Mezzodaemon's true name.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Death Knight - My Edition

Death Knight

STR 15, DEX 15, 16hp, Armour 2.
- Wields an ancient Longsword (d8, can create gouts of cold flame for d4 blast dmg )
  • Radiates a chilling cold that seems to drain the surrounds of all heat.
  • Can command the weak willed to cower before it.
  • In dire situations it can create a gate to its chosen place of respite.
A Death Knight is made by binding the spirit of an ignobly deceased warrior to their body and arms, it is thought to be a form of lichdom. The resulting being is one driven by shame for its half-remembered death. A Death Knight is not stupid, but its intense devotion to 'correcting' for its shame is often easily manipulatable. It will leap upon any opportunity to show courage and worthiness yet can never truly atone. For it does not even remember what it is atoning for. Merely that it must somehow.