Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mezzodaemon - My Edition


DEX 15, WIL 13, 8hp, Chitinous Exoskeleton (Armour 1).
- Jagged Claws (d6)
  • Hoard magical tomes and artifacts which they employ and will barter for.
  • Can create gates between various dimensions and planes of existence, 
  • Jealously guard their true names, which would allow the possessor to command them.
Transdimensional travelers and inhabitants of the in-between places. Mezzodaemon's curate and carry with themselves personal collections of occult items. They are normally quite loathe to let go of an item but can be persuaded to trade. Often found grudgingly in the service of wizards and other sorts who have acquired the Mezzodaemon's true name.

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