Friday, January 12, 2024

Fog Giant - My Edition

Fog Giant

Loom out of the mist. Twice as tall as any man. Milky white skin, silvery white hair, black penetrating eyes. The jangle of baroque armaments.
  • Solitary, 1-6 might be encountered at time.
  • Keen sense of smell, rarely surprised (only on a 1 in 6). Can weave the mists about them and usually surprise their opponents.
  • Love massive ornate swords and make armour from white dragon hides studded with silver. 
  • Fight with their favorite swords or with fists. Hurl boulders. 
  • Speak a strange, isolate language; unintelligible even to their close kin.
  • Live under barrow mounds and in moorlands, marshes, swamps, dense forests, and cold sea coasts.
  • Shepherd the mists. After shearing they weave the fog into prized lightweight garments which carry brumes with the wearer.

RIP Jannell Jacquays

May your family find closure and comfort.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Grumpalous

Vague cousin to megatherium but fur a-shimmer with arcane hues and a mouth with teeth made for crushing and grinding bone. A single, sickle-like claw lazily picks its dentition. The beast waits for a wizard.
  • Stats as a bear or appropriate bear-like creature. 
  • Preys upon wizards. Breaking bones and slurping out the magic. Smashing skulls open to gulp down the brains. The beast will learn a random spell from that which the magic-user knew. Loses it once cast.
  • Each skull cracked open and brain gulped down adds to their intelligence, they speak with cultivated airs and love to reference literature their victims once read.
  • Immune to magical weapons, which slide off their hide. This property lasts even through tanning though it dwindles over time.
  • Are good climbers.
  • Lair in ruined wizard towers (often the killers of the former occupants), and among hoards of magic items, the sort that will attract fresh prey. Some have been known to pay or intimidate wayward shepherds into spreading rumours to that end.