Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Big Black Snake

A pipeline, hundreds of miles long, slithering across the landscape. Every creaking gasket of its many-jointed body leaks toxic sludge upon the earth. The ground churns, the plants wither, and the waters are poisoned with its passing. 

Its head is a mass of megaphones and televisions, bulldozer blades and backhoe scoops. Alternatingly chewing a path and whispering honeyed songs of 'job growth' and 'cheap gas' to merchants and statesmen, easing its passage. 

Minions, like melted riot police, oily black as tar, spawn from its leaking gaskets and move out in oozing phalanxes to beat back those that would stop the snakes progress. 

It will slither ever forward unless slain. Beware its children who nest in the bowls of refinery sprawl.

Big Black Snake 

10 HD, AC as plate, Save vs Churning Digging Equipment (head) or Crushing Coils (body)
  • Wants to slither onward, poisoning the land.
  • Spawns Tar Minions to protect itself.
  • Enlists the aid of the powerful with honeyed promises.

Tar Minions 

1 HD, AC as Ooze, 1d6 atck (club), 3d10+ appearing (work in blocks)
  • Like melted, oily riot police.
  • Unwaveringly protect the snake.
  • Use shield wall and encirclement tactics.
  • Dangerously flammable.