Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Salt Mummies

Those who in eternity serve the Salt God, he who Preserves, become Salt Mummies and are set to guard the ancient temples and preservation tombs of their faith. So long has it been since they were mummified that little of their faith remains. Yet they soldier on.

Ancient Iranian Salt Mine Mummies - Ancient History Encyclopedia

A Salt Mummy is created by first either drowning the volunteer (and they must be willing) in salt water or suffocating them. No blood must be spilled. Once deceased the body is carefully cut open and all the organs are removed and preserved in a canopic jar full of salt. Then the body itself is placed to mummify in a barrel or pit of salt. 

On the third month of this process the body blemishes and wounds will began to knit and be filled by cysts of salt. When the entire body is intact the newly reborn Salt Mummy will awaken for eternity.

Despite their shriveled, papery form a Salt Mummy is very much alive and aware of their surroundings. They are lucid and usually well-spoken (seeing as only the most prestigious would be interred) and more often than not are polite and welcoming to visitors.

However they will fly murderous rages and easily butcher the unwary if you seek or have disturbed or profaned their sacred places.

As long as their canopic jar is intact a Salt Mummy cannot die. Any wounds they take will knit themselves over with salt cysts. Some of the more ancient ones have almost completely been replaced with salt. The others greatly honor these sorts for they have been replaced almost entirely with the truest essence of preservation.

Salt Mummy-
Str 12, Cha 13, HP 6, Clawing (d6)
Any injury will heal at 1 Str/1 hp per round if not actively prevented.

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