Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Sword Gremlin

Nathan Dupouy 

Sword Gremlin

You are a short, nay tiny little thing, a child? a goblin? specifics don't matter, what does is that you have a huge fuckoff sword, and a disposition to use it.

Meine: Purposeful & Urchin-y
Items: scrappy clothes, huge sword + scabbard, a memento

What allows you to wield such a massive sword with such ease?
  1. Magical enchantments upon its blade.
  2. A helpful spirit's hand.
  3. Sheer willpower.
  4. You're stronger than you look.
Why do you wield this sword?
  1. An ancestral mission you must complete.
  2. Revenge for a wrong committed.
  3. You enjoy fighting a lil' too much.
  4. To return it to its original owner, a mighty warrior.
What unique feature sets this sword apart?
  1. It speaks to you, consoling and chiding.
  2. The blade writhes with flame.
  3. It tugs you through the air, almost as if it could fly.
  4. Only it can cut your skin.

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