Sunday, June 20, 2021

King Of Cats

Why Medieval Cats Look Like… That | by Rae Paoletta | Tenderly

King Of Cats

Feline potentate, ruler of all cats domesticated and wild. Your words are law, your declarations fact, your paw iron. Not that that means much, cats being an unruly bunch with little regard for authority.

Meine: Arrogant (moreso than most cats)
Items: Big ol' Fancy Crown 

Loyal Retainers
  1. A one eyed calico, cunning in strategy and war, your general.
  2. A treasure hoarding hairless, your master of coin.
  3. Chubby black cat, your lethargic master of assassins and secrets.
  4. Sweet looking tabby cat able to win anyone over, your propaganda minister.
  5. The dog, a grinning fool and traitor come to serve you.
  6. The human, your long suffering royal advisor.
Grand Agendas
  1. Construct a palace of great comfort and many high places to perch. 
  2. Bring low the arrogant lions, show them their place beneath your kingship.
  3. Wage war on the Lord of Birds and his subjects.
  4. Illegalize the foul drug catnip.
  5. Destroy your rival, the Rat King.
  6. Aquire funds to fuel your decadent lifestyle of belly-rubs and fine fish.

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