Saturday, June 12, 2021

Dark Creeper - My Edition

Dark Creeper

Short, light hating thieves hidden under many-layered cloaks, turbans, and wraps
  • Are greatly pained by bright light and will whisper a spell to extinguish all lamps, torches, and fires near them when going about their thievery.
  • Kill only when necessary, preferring to 'repossess' desired items by subtler means, if forced into violence they will freely employ hit and run tactics and the numerous magical items they have acquired.
  • Hide stolen matchboxes, pilfered magical trinkets, and other items in their copious pockets.
  • Violently combust upon death.
An odd people from the far-off City of Dreams. Can be found in small cadres pursuing esoteric agendas for their shadowy masters. Sporadically work with others if it suits their purposes but prone to suddenly abandoning allies. Occasionally one might meet their agents hunting a rogue cadre.

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