Tuesday, February 9, 2021


Thus begins the epic threeway picture pong between me, Nothics Eye and Velvet Inks. I shall start with the images that I must answer.

Taken circa 43 EG by an anonymous SmuCorp camerabot
The still photo above depicts the opening hours of the assault on the desert moon of Cinnabar by Voloni forces. After disembarking from their dropships the infantry drones quickly overrun static turret trench forces and seized the starport bastion. Allowing for the remaining invasion force to land. In the coming campaign year the Organitech based drone forces of the Voloni would prove their durability and mettle, easily outlasting the often superior but more fragile traditional thaumo-crystal tech used by the Cinnabarian defense forces. 

A magnificent construction built in the fifth century of the purple fruitbat, by their most Imperious & Sanctimonious Majesty Octovunis the II. During the August Years it was expanded several times with lavish art galleries and steeple chapels built onto its already precariously piled top. Later on, after a century of neglect and financial squalor under the Vessi family the newly installed Fassi family used the palace for their notorious sky executions, where dissidents, traitors, and other enemies of the state where pushed off the edge. During the Argent Revolution the palace was a bastion for the royal family and army, used to position artillery for the shelling of the rest of the capitol from its elevated position. Eventually with the threat of rebel explosives placed at the pillar bases the army surrendered. Nowadays the palace is a museum and cultural center though its cavernous halls also host dangerous pro-royalist plots.

Now comes the images the others shall answer...

To Velvet Inks I give you this emerald colored scene. Deduce what it is if ye can!

People have stopped in the rain to look at a cello hanging above the street

And to Nothics Eye I present this perplexing mystery. What will you make of it!

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