Saturday, February 13, 2021

Threeway Picture Pong #2

The counter salvos has been launched! From Nothic's Eye we receive thus...

The finest establishment to roam the desert wastes, a place of rest and relaxation (for those with the cash to afford it) where one can kick back, refill their canteen, and sun themselves on the pool deck. All sorts from across the desert mingle here, but don't make trouble! Big Tam might thrash you herself if her cyborg-baboon goons don't finish you off first. Some current visitors to Big Tam's are.... The Illustrious Warlord Boss Bellos whose parked his seaplane and taken over the first class suite.... Mandy & Mindy the news'copter twins with their heavy camera equipment setup up on the Mezzanine, pestering Big Tam for interviews... and Petor the Demolisher, with his rather dangerous cargo of explosives, who has been regulated to the lower decks.

And from the Velvet Inks this mysterious entourage has arrived...

They come                                            Whence they came?
        They come they come
Bearers masks fluters drummers pole holders                                            They come
                               To extract?                                To take?                                                        To kill?
                                                    Thieves                                        Liars                            Murderers
                    Do not look them in there not-eyes                    Do not!
    Give them your honey, your grain, your bullets, your cinders                    Do not refuse!
                                                                                                            They will take! Take!        Animals
              They burn as they come                                                                              Homes      Children
The land crisps and turns to ash                ash and cinders            they love the fire and finery
                            give them what they want                Give them
                                                        And hope they don't return

And now for The Nothic's Eye's new nemesis...

And for Velvet Ink's as well...

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  1. Oh man I'm putting Big Tam's in one of my games. What a great idea!