Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A World In 13 Items

Let's hop on the ol' bandwagon. 
  1. A cleaver like falchion, stained with black ichor, loops around the wrist.
  2. Set of flensing knives carefully wrapped in oilskin.
  3. Cord bound, rough paper pamphlet titled 'Bylaws Of The Teufeljägers Union, Stadt Chapter'.
  4. Bundle of yellowed papers, tied with red thread and stamped prominently. A devil hunting license.
  5. A set of spikéd plate armour, charms and warding eyes engraved across its entire surface.
  6. Crude map drawn in lead pencil, depicts the routes through & between places like 'The Double Deep Cistern' and 'Alchemical Dumps'.
  7. Singed silver implements in strange hooked and looped shapes, each marked with a single symbol.
  8. Apotropaic Lamp, glows a soft electric blue, mounted in brass, little shutter, when turned on strange shapes writhe half-real at its edge. Devil's hate it.
  9. Pilgrimage coin, symbol of an organ played by a masked woman, reads 'Her Devilish Lady's Ensemble & Choir'.
  10. A complicated wood box with strange organs and a bound imp inside, when strapped to the face it snuffles and sniffs the air, allows for incredibly heightened senses, don't keep it on too long though.
  11. Tin of biomantic meat, smells foul and tastes sweaty but is nutritious.
  12. A pouch with several hard, red-yellow lozenges, anti-corruption pills, expensive.
  13. A barbed meathook on a chain, stained with black ichor, clips to part of the armour.

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