Monday, February 22, 2021

Slushpost Mark. 4

Yet again the miscellany returns, of varying quality...
  1. On occasion Yakhchāls will accidentally trap wind spirits in the ice they create, if they remain too long they will become angry and twisted, ice-wind demons that will burst forth with a cutting hurricane of ice shards.
  2. A land of rolling grassy hills littered with roughly carved stone figures, nearly human like, the locals say they are the failed first humans carved by the original gods.
  3. Lamps of different colors which burn different metals, 'specially made to bind, blind, and block spirits of various sorts. 
  4. Whispering Galleries are special elliptic rooms under domes where if you stand at focus anything whispers by someone in the other focus can be clearly heard no matter the size of the room.
  5. Sunflowers sucking up radioactive errata from the soil and blossoming in beautifully irradiated blooms. Collected by nuclear-sorcerers for their magic.
  6. Small toads or frogs which when squeezed glow with light, caught for use as emergency lamps.
  7. Hand cannons, the muzzles shaped like flowers, belching forth blossoms of flame and fire.
  8. Pipestuff (noun) - any of the various leafs, herbs, or such items that are smoked in a pipe, can refer to anything from cannabis to tobacco to sumac.
  9. Three classes for a game focused on crime Thug, Thief, Face.
  10. Gotta pay my eel-rent.
  11. Three stats, WACK, THWACK, and KNACK.
  12. The mythical Smeerenburg as a pan-dimensional half real whaling city that emerges from the sea mists and ice in the far north of worlds. You can buy the parts of strange leviathans and meet all manner of universe hopping whaler persons there.
  13. A giant cursed samovar that acts like a brazen bull, boiling people alive into tea. You drink their suffering.
  14. Jug is a good word. Needs more use.
  15. Barrel Pillories
  16. Giant shrimp carapaces flipped over and used for canoes.
  17. Screw air, who needs air as an element. It's just a thin liquid anyhow. Earth, Fire Water, not there's a nice trio.
  18. Related to above, they're three parts to a human, the soul or spirit, tied to fire, the body or flesh, tied to earth, and the essence or blood, tied to water. Each can be cultivated and manipulated in certain ways to get really good at various kinds of magic/martial abilities. 
  19. Thought - Soil does not fall under the domain of earth or stone elementals, being composed more of living things than inanimate matter.
  20. An endless viaduct-esq megastructure stretching on forever over an island-less ocean, a bastion of settlement sits upon it, houses stacked one upon each other crammed in for space, the Empire of the Long Road. Beyond its borders are the wild road jungles and deserted grassland stretches.
  21. Sabre swinging motorcycle calvary.
  23. A magnetic mountain. Compass needles point to it. Its ore clings to picks and blades. An important cosmological feature for many local cultures. But what lies at its core...?
  24. Ship-priests of the Ea-ket school hold that one most make offerings to every component spirit of a ship, the radiator spirits, the plumbing spirits, the hull spirits, in order to ensure a whole and healthy vessel. This is decried as bunk by ship-priests of the Bepho school who hold that a ship is in fact a single spirit and that giving offerings to individual parts would be a bit like praying to your leg.
  25. Why don't more fantasy cities have firefighters as a faction? Considering how historically fire brigades have been rife with corruption and extortion they should make for fantastic game material.
  26. Dentologist teeth wizards who study a persons teeth to learn things about them, like phrenology but with teeth (since you can learn so many things about diet and thus occupation and such but taken to an extreme degree). Oft work for the government. Distrusted and disliked.
  27. Ketchup is an evolutionary descendant of fish-sauce. This feels useful for a game... somehow...
  28. Pteronura the vicious but playful mangrove Otter God who perpetually fights Big Moses the crocodilian god of the swamp.
  29. Pan-dimensional raiders in hovering silver skiffs, bolt-action rifles loaded with demon-bullets, maille glittering with dweomer, biomantic breathing organs clinging to faces. They sally forth through tears in reality.
  30. Ink spirits, like little cheerful blobs, can be talked into doing all manner of clever things concerning writing.
  31. Ecosystem scientist-priests charged with keeping watch over a habitats genetic stock.
  32. City hermits that live in little box houses on roof peaks. Tend pigeon flocks and contemplate philosophy and/or get in passionate arguments with neighboring hermits. Particularly prestigious homes hire their own hermits to maintain an air of wisdom about the place.
  33. Lampreys are underutilized.
  34. Boltlock (also: bolt-lock) (noun) - being the term for a bolt action firearm, usually a rifle.
  35. Negative space handprint as symbol of humanity.
  36. If one stays in the Fae realm too long you begin to sweat the iron in your blood out as little nuggets.
  37. A chestnut box, inside is a set of silver instruments, hook and looped shaped, tucked in cloth partitions. A paperback book titled "Catalogue Of Para-Dimensional Phenomena" is tucked underneath the tools.
  38. Door-Paste, you squeeze it out in the shape of a door and it makes one, it's temporary however.
  39. Skinchangers who literally climb into empty stolen skins, their actually bodies are all muscle and sinew.
  40. War-mages keep their rolled up spell-scrolls in apostle bandoleers.
  41. A thick aired coffeehouse smelling of roasting, an ancient woman with hair like shining steel wire plays mancala in a wall cubby. Her opponent is an equally ancient combat drone, all armour, servos, and faded military fatigues. The woman is winning.
  42. The fashionable young men of Uller-Kem like to dress their hair in coifs and curls, and wear dangly earrings of blue river stone to catch each others eyes. 
  43. A rogue auto-fac, devouring the landscape in a hell of machinery and production, belching fumes and smoke, it expands bigger everyday.
  44. Monks carefully building an analog computer out of stones upon a mountain plateau. An unbelievably compelx and ancient calculation is underway.
  45. A volcanic land rich in crops and guns but small and precarious, constantly lives in fear of the octopus lava god whom they placate and control with offerings pillaged from the lowland kingdoms.
  46. Soap spirit are dangerously caustic and will just as eagerly break down your cell wells as much as mold and microbes. Easily put to work however at the tasks they enjoy.
  47. An assassin tune, catchy enough to be passed along, and to be sung absent-mindedly, always contains lyrics suggestive of the target, if the target sings it their heart seizes and they die.
  48. The Courtesan's Guild runs the bathhouses round these parts, and though they are a guild for sex workers they are far more famed for their soup which is purported to rival the ambrosia of the gods themselves.
  49. The Bonesnappers, they want to break and bend and snap and crack your bones and slurp up the tasty marrow inside. Easily bribed.
  50. A tiny traveling fashion show and catalogue with all the latest styles from the capitol exhibited on tiny micro-mannequin doll-miniatures.
  51. What if puddles formed right after it rained opened up, infinitely deep, into a puddle dimension.
  52. Ballooning Spider Pirates pillaging the airways.
  53. Alignment ala the cosmic forces style but its the color wheel. 
  54. A demon-moose goddess haunts the towering woods, the fearful townsfolk sacrifice their most unwanted children to her. She does not eat them. Instead they become her servants and foundling children. They grow strange and proud under their mother's charge. Some wish to venture into the the outside world, others wish vengeance on their former parents.
  55. Society where once past menopause your gender changes.
  56. The Smirch and Davie his hireling/sitting post/mobile table. A dynamic and wizardly duo that one can find wandering the thicket covered hills. Always have tea ready. 
  57. Cludny of Ummar the warlord saint who split the very sea in two, in order to conquer the coral folk.
  58. Priests of Vision, stylized eyes tattooed up and down their arms, legs, torso, face, and all. Seek to build a cosmic panopticon so that all may be Viewed.
  59. The Fifth Assemblage of the Imminent Plurality.
  60. Dwarves are now big tardigrades, elves are fungus, halflings are big jumping spiders and humans are humans still. Now someone go and make something with this.

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