Monday, September 7, 2020

Worldbuilding Queerness #3

The Veluoga were originally a hill people living in scattered fortress settlements bordering the vast wastes of the Polar Lords. Then, some fifty odd years ago, they conquered their way down the rivers of the eastern basin and to the edge of the sea.

They ride upon shaggy mountain goats and form complicated familial arrangements based on webs of multiple husbands and wives. Richly brocaded and colored fabrics are highly valued and often they trade or raid the southern cities for such.

For the Veluoga romantic relations involve cycles of age and responsibility. For early years of ones life till coming of age only same sex relations are tolerated. Upon reaching marriageable age opposite sex relations become the new norm. And finally in elder years any relations go.

Likewise, in youth ones number of partners may range as wide as one likes, but upon marriage must be restricted to the number of married partners. And upon old age is once again allowed to be as wide as one wishes.

The Stone Monks dwell in their cliff side monasteries far removed from the outside world. Food is farmed from terraces and within the monastery walls philosophy and magecraft is taught.

Skilled are their mages in the shaping of stone. The very canyons they dwell in are said to have been struck into existence by the mage founder of their culture.

Key in their philosophy is the concept creation. To craft something is akin to giving birth, the highest and most precious of acts. As such the mages spend most of their time creating art and chiseling the elaborate sculptures that line the canyon walls and denote which monastery controls this land. 

They are a matriarchal society, with each monastery run by an abbess who has beaten the previous abbess in contest of art (judged by their peers).

Men for the most part are expected to tend the fields and do housework such as cleaning and cooking. However, persons of any gender are allowed to train in the arts but must prove themselves with a magnum opus to be allowed lessons in magecraft. 

It is claimed by some, that the most skilled of their mages can shape the very clay of your flesh. And spawn from you identical clones.

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