Monday, September 7, 2020

The Good Doctor Amalia

Oh, glorious electricity! That which arcs and sparks from the living wires and descends from the heavens with all the fury of a god! If only for a moment one could achieve that transcendence.

At least that was the good doctor's plan. Unfortunately for her it worked. Mostly. The procedure burnt away her mortal flesh till all there was left was the electric traceries of a nervous system. But in the process the her suit melted and twisted to the whims of strange physics forever trapping her within.

She is thoroughly convinced that this is no fault of her own nor flaw in method. No it could only have been sabotage!

Currently the doctor wanders the streets seeking her imagined saboteur and chasing electrical phenomena in vain hope of freeing herself from this prison and becoming pure energy.

Doctor Amalia
3hp, Dex 14, Rubber Suit (armour 1), Lightning Gun (d10, blast)*
Heavy rubber suit, faint crackling of electricity inside.
    - Can be found attempting to murder whoever she has decided is the saboteur today
    - If her suit is damaged the rubber melts closing the gap.
    - Easily distracted with academic papers

* the blast tag applies to all surrounding who are not grounded or insulated

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