Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wondla - A Wonderful Trilogy

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Wondla is a trilogy by Tony DiTerlizzi about a young lab-born girl named Eva Nine and her explorations into the world outside her underground Sanctuary. A much stranger world than she was lead to expect.

The books are delightfully illustrated and wonderfully imaginative, an absolute goldmine for inspiration, heck, the illustrations alone could prompt many many thoughts. Giant water bears, motile forests, sonic weaponry, a variety of charming aliens, war machines, airships, ancient ruins, the series packs a lot into three books.

If I had to compare the books to other media, I would say that it reminds me the most of Nausicaä, both have prominent themes of respect for nature (while also showing that this does not mean nature is nice), of seeking peace while not being afraid of violence, and a strong female protagonist.

What I like the most about the books (besides their fantastic world) is the tone of optimism and hope, yet without shying away from the ugly and terrible.

I wish I could say more of the books, and the amazing things found within, but alas that would spoil the fun. So I leave with these illustrations.

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  1. I have not heard of these until this very moment, and more DiTerlizzi is always good.