Thursday, September 17, 2020

Slushpost Mark. 1

Aka lets copy Throne of Salt.

All of these are free real estate for post and game alike as long as you can beat me to it.

  1. Spanish Civil War pulp adventure setting.
  2. Harpers Ferry pulp adventure. John Brown is a wizard now.
  3. Bioluminescent deep elves. Either from evolution or diet.
  4. The people of the swamps fear and venerate Big Moses, a colossal pure white crocodile.
  5. Funeral pyres burn colorful paper objects representing different parts of a person's soul or personality.
  6. The Twelfth Pasha of Saffron has commissioned their subjects to construct a massive arrangement of stone obelisks for the purpose of attracting the Solar Gods.
  7. The Underpope and the Grand Eucemenal Guild of Darks and Depths.
  8. Mr. Tuesday, a dapper and politely feral gentleman.
  9. Old Buster, a diminutive wizard who rides around in a pelican's pouch.
  10. The Immaculate & Thirsty Suit Of Bone (armour 3), sacrifice 1 pt of STR each week worn.
  11. A man with a cabinet in his chest. It opens unto an impossible room.
  12. Greek inspired boxer/wrestler philosophers, all their philosophy is about wrestling.
  13. Actually, someone should just play a pretentious Plato suplexing people while spouting off insults about ideal forms.
  14. Praise the Holy Porcupine.
  15. Every scion of the great houses carries an ancestral sword. However the number of children as of late has greatly outpaced the number of swords leading to an influx of counterfeits.
  16. Kingdom of aggressive, sapient, but otherwise normal, hippos and their human slaves. Amphibious hippo shock troops in reed armour.
  17. Knife money - bronze knives traded as currency.
  18. Dwarvish holy books are made of sheets of steel and are thusly so heavy that they are carried around on special lecture-palanquins.
  19. The Arthropod Potentates carried aloft by their pill bug servitors.
  20. Elves are magic ape-men with fur who cannot sweat. Cousins to humans.
  21. The Bat-Headed Men of the canyon cities of Old Usk are developing a sonic probe to analysis the earth's crust but which could also be utilized as devastating weapon of war. Steal it.
  22. The plains cities of Deb Lota where weaponry is obscene.
  23. A city bedecked with humanoid statues, caryatid statues, they give advice to the inhabitants and guard ancient buildings.
  24. Never underestimate humanities desire to look fancy.
  25. Mushroom rebels vs the undead empire, undead = never changing, rejection of rot, empire itself is undead kept alive past its expiration (this was stolen wholesale from the discord)
  26. The City of Red Glass, where crystalline dragons lord over glassblowing peasants who spin them their new bodies.
  27. Those of the Way of the Fifteenth Eye, sworn enemies of the Third Eye and its false aphotesis, sworn allies of the Eleventh Eye and its elevated thought.
  28. There need to be more friendly undead.
  29. Execution via show tunes played upon a Sparagmos Organ.
  30. Massive biomechanical construct/dungeon partially powered by the heat of massive compost plots deep within its cavernous belly.
  31. Warriors dressed in crocodile hide armour carrying curved bronze shields.
  32. An impossible compass that points the way towards abstract concepts.
  33. Everything is made of dragons. The ground? A shit ton of dragons. That rock? Very lazy dragon. The sun? King of dragons. You? A human shaped dragon.
  34. Instead of tight dungeons focused on claustrophobia lets see more adventure locales focused on the horror of vastness. Clouds. Endless cliffside's. Endless oceans.
  35. A religious order built on the idea that the sky wants to eat us, which is why we must give it blood.
  36. Giant lizards as pack animals, their tails (which grow back) can be cut off as emergency rations or a delicacy.
  37. In Ishanheim people carve their homes into the glaciers.
  38. At the edge of the world lies the Celestial Dam holding back the abyssal floodwaters and all that lurks within. Only the most damned souls plumb those depths.
  39. Frogmen coat themselves in a special paste when wandering far from water to retain moisture and act as decoration. 
  40. Giant yeti crabs as riding steeds.
  41. "An Ionian emissary called at the kings court the other day, reeking of sulfur and radiating the most horribly humid heat."
  42. Coal miners digging through mountains riddled with ancient tunnels. They must contend with the boot of the company and the horrors from below.
  43. Great mechanized war machines, so vast that entire cities have grown up inside them, battle upon a dying planet.
  44. Once picked clean by river creatures the skeletons of family members are used to decorate a families ancestral home.
  45. Esrever, a city of reverse spires sunken into the ground.


  1. Yes! More slush! All quite usable.

  2. 17 (knife money) is real!
    I especially like 36 (pack lizards). I imagine when times are hard tails are a subsistence food, and when they're good it's a delicacy (like lobster).

  3. 14. Praise the Holy Porcupine.

    Don't mind if I do!

  4. Hmm... 42 could be really fun to hack for Red Markets.

  5. 34 could be interesting with a series of platforms and bridges over lightless chasms. Open spaces with cramped bits of safety...

  6. not a fan of the homophobic slur in #9

    1. I was unfamiliar with it's connotations in British slang, I changed it, thanks.