Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Herald Of Chaos

The spaceborn peoples know well the dangers of the void. It is a world that does not take kindly to mistakes.

The Herald of Chaos is the sister aspect to Dame-Vide, the Lady of Luck and Mischance. When the Lady's dice roll and you lose, it is the Herald which watches hungrily. Its creeping fingers seeking to spin your world out of control and to utter destruction.

When your habitat leaks, when a solar flare arises to spew radiation across the void, the Herald is there, eagerly awaiting the moment when you truly began to lose tour grip.

It is a god of mistakes and split second decisions and cascade effects.

The Herald of Chaos is rarely depicted in artwork. There are no shrines (no public shrines at least) to it. It is a thing of radiation, solar flares, cancerous growths, and escaping air. In the murals and paintings surrounding icon niches it is only eluded to as dark shadow following the Dame-Vide.

No one but the most utterly desperate and hateful invoke the Herald's will. It's chaos knows no distinctions and once loosed there is little one can do to stop it. 


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