Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Epat-Der, God Of Obstacles, Obstruction, And Boredom

(credit for this idea goes to Ossie over on the Basstionland Discord, here's a link to their Itch.io account)

Art by me

Among the spaceborn cultures there are few gods so universally despised, save perhaps the Herald of Chaos itself, as Epat-Der the god of obstacles, obstruction, and boredom.

Epat-Der is not a neglected god however. Shrines to him may be found on almost every civilized stations and you will hear his name spoken in abundance. For it is Epat-Der who the frustrated curse and blame when an otherwise simple task drags on. 

It is traditional to leave offerings of stationary at his shrines in hopes of appeasing him and staving off his bothersome influence. As well, leaving the signature of someone you despise is supposed to bring obstruction and obstacles to their endeavors. 

Shrines for Epat-Der usually depict him as a multi-armed man in older style suit. Paper chains bind him and he carries an assortment of stamps and forms poised to descend onto some poor soul.

Interestingly despite nominally having his domain extend over boredom, Epat-Der is usually not accredited with the all to common monotony of spaceflight, rather being tied to the boredom of repetitive and meaningless tasks. Whereas the former belongs to the Quiet Black, godling of solitude and the vast of the void.

Update- Ossie wrote an amazing followup to this on the Quiet Black over on their blog, go check it out 


  1. Free npc for anyone who spots the wordplay :)

  2. This is great! Thanks for running with my idea