Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Arcane Gang

A pack of spell-slinging sorcerers, rival adventurers on the hunt for gold and magic. They are a bickering, loosely allied lot.

Members :

An albino teifling with burning red eyes, sharp, straight horns and pearly chitin hidden beneath a fashionable coat. She laughs as she cuts men to ribbons with coldly-flaming sword. Hot blooded and arrogant to a fault.
  • Her familiar, Superbia, a fiendish raven, taunts and harries opponents.
  • She carries rune-stamped sidesword and matching parrying dagger.
  • Her spellbook contains : Flesh to Glass, Mind to Glass, Transfer Wound

A pallid, waxy man. Sickly thin under his oversized red-paneled, black greatcoat. Forever hunched. He is a simulacrum of his original self (burned at the stake for illegal warlockery). Seeks a cure for his degenerating body.
  • Accompanied by a stoic wight bodyguard wielding a massive greatsword.
  • Oft hides his and his compatriots movements or appearance behind illusions.
  • His several spellbooks contain : Pyrotechnics, Knock/Seal, Inflict Hemophilia, Raise Slab, Apport

Netty Lank
Nervous ex-apprentice of a diviner's guild, thrown out into the street in disgrace. Plots childish revenge day and night, but keeps to herself, simmering quietly. Her scrying is roughshod, serviceable. 
  • Her familiar is a cunning weasel well versed in sneaking and thieving.
  • Astral projects from her body, appearing as a ghostly visage, to spy from afar.
  • Her spellbook contains : Reveal False Futures

Verona Harper
Grey-haired, aging, and haughty as the scion of an infamous merchant family can be. She hides her hand tremors underneath fur-lined sleeves. Wholeheartedly believes herself leader, to Avaricia's derision.
  • While stabbed into your spine her iron-nails let her puppeteer you. 
  • Currently she puppets four fishermen, a tailor, and a tiger.
  • Her spellbook contains : Bind Name, Bottle Soul

It shouldn't be too hard but points if you can tell from where I distilled these characters from. I found the original versions rather lacking in coherent aesthetics for each, and not even working together in a team full of cracks for players to exploit!! So I revised them.

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  1. Do you have a character sheet for Weird North on this blog?