Monday, May 30, 2022

Inventory Worldbuilding : Shellfolk Rambler

Shellfolk Rambler
For every youth there comes a time to go rambling on a long tour of the stars, some keep it small; just the local hives, others hop ship-to-ship with the strange shell-less foreigners to odd worlds. Everyone comes home eventually, with stories a-plenty to tell of their adventures.
  1. Symbiote shell-suit (crustacean-esq, vacuum-rated, maneuvering jets, alive)
  2. Mushroom-cricket pemmican (wrapped in bio-plastic, leftovers fed to suit)
  3. Dagger-axe, short hafted
  4. Rigging knife
  5. Cable coil, weighted end (lassoing)
  6. Fertilizer brick (compressed phosphates & nitrates wrapped in cheap gold foil)
  7. Leg-braces
  8. Membrane tent (with airlock)
  9. Shell-paint, turquoise (vacuum-rated)
  10. Story-songs : The Many Quest-Rovings of Yohann the Wake
  11. Longshoremen's tattoo, carved (Belphagor docks)
  12. Unfolding tableau, gold & aluminum etching of hive-mates & ancestors 
  13. Pitons (handful)

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