Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Grenadier - GLOG Class

Class: The Grenadier

Burly and dexterous. The only two requirements for a grenadier. That and guts enough to be first over the wall hurling explosive death left and right. Just don't cut your fuse too short. It'd be a pity having to pick all your bits up.

Starting Items: Sack Of Grenades, Slowmatch, Buff Coat (as leather), Sidesword, Fancy Cap

Starting Skill: 1) Siege-works 2) Clout 3) Scrambling 4) Parade

A - Lobber, Close-Quarters
B - Perfect Timing
C - Fierce Figure
D - Blast-proof


Barring major mishap, hurled projectiles always land more or less where you mean to throw them.

Close Quarters

You are adept at the tussle and grapple of fighting in ditches, tunnels, and battlements. Tight spaces present no challenge to you in combat.

Perfect Timing

Your fuses are cut to the precise second, you know just when to throw that bomb. When it comes to timing things you are flawless.

Fierce Figure

You cut a ferocious look, spark spitting grenade in one hand, wickedly sharp sword in the other, and a smoldering smile beaming out from under powder burns and rubble dust. Common soldiers and such cutthroats must check morale upon your entrance.


You can shrug off any explosion with a cough, groan, and minor singeing. What doesn't instantly splatter you makes you tougher after all.

Optional Grenade Rules

Roll on the hand grenade throwing table then roll for damage.

Hand Grenade - (2d6, blast)

Throwing Table - (2d6)
2 : explodes in your hand
3 : drop it in front of you
4 : lands short
5-9 : on target more or less
10 : lands long
11 : gets thrown back
12 : dud/fuse goes out

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  1. Loving this. Glog classes with these elegant, absolute rules are definitely my favourite.