Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Slushpost Mark. 2


More miscellania. Use at your own risk.
  1. A class based on mayan conch boxers.
  2. A local city state has hired you to steal the body of a saint for them so they can start rolling in that sweet sweet pilgrimage cash.
  3. Your setting needs more volcanoes and volcanic eruptions, this is fact and truth.
  4. The Perditious Men of Ulempf.
  5. The Bone Market where you can sell your bones. Loose definition of yours.
  6. Cult of serial resurrectionists (whatever that means?)
  7. A band of brigands loyal to a robber knight who is actually just a charismatic suit of animate armor.
  8. Inky, blob minions who must be anchored to an object (typically a mask or hat).
  9. The marginalia in a monk's manuscript have escaped and are terrorizing the countryside! Somebody has to capture the damned things!!
  10. The Mycenaeans were basically just the vikings of the ancient world.
  11. Baboons with submachine-guns, what will they do?
  12. Wealthy octopuses who hire human porters as to conduct business upon the surface.
  13. Big fluffy dogs bred for their wool.
  14. A unit of left handed warriors to combat common fortress defenses.
  15. The Crouching Goddess, she of surprises and ambush.
  16. Women are expected to break into their mother's grave before their wedding and steal the jewelry within to exchange with their spouse.
  17. It is a well known fact that if you collect the shadows of a hundred and twelve people and sew them together you will create a portal to the universes's own shade.
  18. Not enough games feature Bread Fraud and Bread Fraud countermeasures.
  19. A island/planet/sol system hopping campaign about trying to get home; like the Odyssey.
  20. You've been hired to guard these nobles who are on a picnic to watch the battle.
  21. Flatbreads stuffed with fried and spiced cockatrice meat.
  22. A people shrouded in crimson clothe and blue steel masks. They speak in a florid tongue.
  23. The 51 Gods of Cod, Salt, and Sea.
  24. The royal treasury is also a shrine where votive offerings are made to the state gods.
  25. The warrior kings of old all turned to stone, their bodies littered across the countryside.
  26. Leegishmen from the city of Leegs.
  27. The hills are alive... and they are hungry.
  28. The Sparagmos Organ - Play a showtime, or any music, upon this organ and any one on the nearest stage will begin to dance uncontrollably whilst slowly being torn apart, piece by piece.
  29. Historically 'treasure' has often been big bulky objects like ivory panels and gold plates, this is both more memorable than coins and harder to steal.
  31. Porcelain golem.
  33. Playable Species - Baboon, Human, Crow
  34. Cone snails... need I say more?
  35. Book idea - HP Lovecraft goes on a post-mortem redemption arc in the Dreamlands
  36. A city of spiral towers and seashell domes.
  37. Giant seedcases used to grow clone soldiers.
  38. A culture of neighborhoods built on wharfs, the wharfinger acting as landlord/king for each wharf.
  39. Necromantic cyborgs, replace body parts with skeletal bits.
  40. Devils actually work for an intergalactic bureaucracy detaining those who broke interstellar law but are beholden to a complicated (and contradictory) set of rules.

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