Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Dragons: White, Black, & Blue

White Dragon :

A fat, sluggish, crocodilian beast with beady red eyes that burrow into your soul. It waddles along, quicker than it seems at first, a roiling fog of liquid nitrogen spilling from its jag-toothed mouth.
Its breathe shatters metal. The water in your eyes freezes, lacerating the soft flesh. Cold burns scour your body. Appendages turn black, stiff with frostbite. You will likely survive the initial agony. That's alright. It's patient. 

It will follow you, attacking where it can, watching you stumble as it tracks the heat of your body. It waits for you to collapse or be cornered. Once it eats, your flesh will sate it for a long while. 


Black Wyrm : 

Vitriol drips from its fangs, droplets of the limpid liquid smoking as it hits the ground.  
A long, serpentine shape, ropy muscles twisted together; small almost stubby arms and legs. Its scales glisten; sometimes black, sometimes iridescent green. Its head rears up suddenly as it snakes around boulder and tree trunk. Acid drips from its fangs. It is a swift creature and strikes from ambush, a misting spray of acid. It lunges immediately after, trusting in its maw to finish what the chemical burns didn't. 

Blue Dragon :

It arrives in a thunderclap that echoes across the open desert.
A figure of animate glass and fulgurite, its veins and organs are mapped out in coursing electricity and the odd enclave of flesh in the otherwise crystalline form. The air around it is tinged with ozone. It sees the electrical impulses firing in your nerves and hones in on them. Lighting arcing down from the sky alongside it to strike you, cooking you in an instant, then its upon you, snatching you up, cutting through your flesh with glass-knife teeth. Onlookers would be able to see the flesh forced down into its stomach through its transparent body.

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